Building a business bridge between the united states and the European market for your technology solutions


Uniprospects is a French agency whose mission is to foster business relations in the technological fields between the United States and the European market from a flexible space.

Our services are aimed exclusively at companies seeking to develop their IT business in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, as a first bridge between United States and European Union.

We directly support the commercial development of your existing offices in one or more of these countries, or open new offices for you.

Uniprospects hosts technology companies, during which they familiarize themselves with French market, establish links thanks to our very active canvassing activities, and learn about the resources available to expand their business into other countries of the European Union.

Our 19 years of experience enable us to offer our customers the benefit of our expertise in B2B IT issues, helping them to develop their business abroad in less than 18 months, particularly in IT sales prospecting.

Based in the heart of Paris, in the 16th arrondissement, the center has been set up in association with a hunting firm and former ©Microsoft employees.

Uniprospects has local offices in Sans Diego (to meet with you) and Paris (to develop your business in Europe).

Your contacts :

Patrick Olive
Partner US – Uniprospects
+ 33 698 865 473


Paul Baas
Partner EMEA – Uniprospects

Office : 4629 Cass street #415, San Diego, CA 92109